We specialise in producing bespoke training services for the worldwide SAR community. We have first-hand operational and training backgrounds so can speak from experience on the demands and expectations of operating in hazardous, dynamic and often life-critical conditions.

We can analyse your specific environment, make recommendations and tailor a training programme that considers your relevant regulatory framework, operational requirements and contractual obligations. We can train remotely or on site.

Our training programmes include:

  • SAR Aviation and Tasking Course
  • National SAR Plan Development
  • SAR Safety Management Syatems, Risk Management and Management of Change
  • SAR Standards and Regulation Introduction
  • Auditing Techniques for SAR Oversight
  • Unmanned Aircraft Syatems (UAS) in National and Regional SAR Frameworks
  • Search and Rescue Excercise (SAREX) Techniques
  • SAR AOC Management Course

In Europe we have exclusively collaborated to deliver these courses in association with the JAA Training Organisation