SAR Safety Management System

A Safety Management System needs to be present, suitable and operating, but most importantly it has to be effective to achieve an organisation’s desired level of Safety Performance.

We have experience in developing Safety Management Systems from the ground up. Moreover, we will ensure that your SMS is bespoke and ever relevant to your organisation.

We offer the following Services:

  • Safety Management System development:

We can develop your Safety Management System with you, providing relevant advice on Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, Safety Culture and Safety Performance

  • Hazard Logs and Risk Registers:

We can help you to conceive and populate your Hazard Log and Risk Register, ensuring that your organisation maintains a sufficient level of awareness of the threats that could impact it negatively and can develop the correct mitigation strategies to manage your risk to an acceptable level.

  • Safety Performance/Safety Assurance

We will work with you to develop a realistic method to monitor your current Safety Performance, from assistance with the evolution of Safety Performance Indicators (SPI’s) and Targets (SPT’s) to providing a platform by which you can regularly measure your overall Safety Performance. This can help you to identify predictive Safety Trends that may allow you to take decisive and timely action.

  • Safety Case Development:

Have you a specific Safety Issue that requires managing? For example, venturing into a new area of Operations (Offshore, Mountains, Oil and Gas or Windfarm)?

Thinking of adopting a new type of aircraft for your operation, or tendering for new contracts?

We can develop comprehensive Safety Cases and conduct Management of Change (MOC) Risk Assessments to meet your needs and minimise your safety risks.

  • Safety Culture Development and Mentoring:

A mature Safety Culture is a desirable level of social and organisational awareness about safety related issues that can enhance the effectiveness of your Safety Management System. Need to know more about Safety Culture, how to develop and maintain it at a desirable level?

We can assist you now!

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