Oversight Activities

Search and Rescue International provides services to competent authorities, SAR service providers and contracting agencies. We have the technical competencies within our organisation to support the following oversight activities and provide appropriate consultation and project management for Search and Rescue and other State activities:  

  • Review State (civil/military) aviation search and rescue regulatory and institutional framework against international conventions
  • Provision of oversight as a qualified entity (QE) of civil aviation SAR providers providing State activities under contract
  • Provision of oversight of operators providing other State activities such as – customs, police, firefighting, border control, coastguard or similar activities
  • Assistance in conducting a National self- assessment on search and rescue:
    • In accordance with best practice, ICAO member states should assess their search and rescue responsibilities and requirements, by conducting a periodic review of their abilities as a SAR service provider for both national and regional needs. Guidance on the conduct of this review is contained in IAMSAR Vol 1, Appendix H National self- assessment on search and rescue.
  • Oversight of contract compliance for organisations conducting State activities on behalf of state departments such as a Coast Guard.
  • Organisational and capacity building assistance via internal auditing