Consulting Services

Search and Rescue can be the most demanding specialisation of civil aviation.

There are unique cultural considerations for crews, management and regulatory oversight because it is often a vocation to those who are involved in this, sometimes extreme, activity.

Search and Rescue International Ltd has a century of military and civil experience that we can use to analyse your data, identfy any gaps, strengths and weaknesses and faciliate options and solutions for a tailor-made bespoke service that will enhance your safety performance while adding capability and value to your organisation.

Click/tap here for the strategic view of how we can assist Government departments to review your National SAR Framework and SAR Plan.

Click/tap here for the tactical view of advising and assisting Coast Guards, National Aviation Authorities and Offshore Energy companies to develop, implement and maintain SAR contracts, standard operating procedures and National guidelines and regulations.

Click/tap here for the operational view of assisting SAR stakeholders with safety management, compliance monitoring, operations manuals construction/review, independant SAR auditing and tender preparation.

Strategic Service

Develop a strategic partnership with us to enhance your National SAR system


Tactical Service

Develop a tactical partnership with us to enhance State regulation and contracts


Operational Service

Develop an operational partnership with us to enhance ops manuals and auditing